Stage Two – Moving

I still look like a hoarder… now a messy one.

When you move, there’s all this excitement about a new place and all the decorating and new people… then you have to start putting everything away. Already I’ve had someone in to fix some wiring, one of the toilets, (it’s not actually… that “it’s right next to you!!” thing goes into adulthood! *sigh*) the garage door opener. Today it’s the cable guy – 3 hours and counting because this house has NEVER had cable! And guess what he discovered?! Bees. Bees in the walls. Luckily, they’re honeybees, which are not that destructive. Unluckily, I had to track down a bee-wrangler to help with the removal because, yah know, we need honeybees.

I’m still working on floors on the second floor so that all of that furniture can be moved in… rather than sitting in my dining room for all eternity. This floor isn’t the worst one; only two layers of paint. I’m not sure how this one escaped the third and fourth layer the others have? I’m covering it with vinyl ‘peel-n-stick’ planks. They’re flexible enough to handle the vagaries of the floor and look pretty good. My daughter is still in the process of painting her walls. She wants to do it all herself!

If you are thinking of using the peel-n-stick vinyl planks, these are the tools I’ve been using. The knife to score the planks and the square to make sure the scoring is straight. Also the vinyl tile scissors are great for cutting out corners, uneven edges and other crazy edges that old houses need.


Stage One – Moving

I look like a hoarder. Actually it’s the first stage of the “big move”. Almost all of my stuff have moved out of my old house and into the new. Exhausted.

Today I’m up at 6am to start stage two of moving my mother into my old house. I’d really rather take a nap.



Its been a long year. Barely six months into it and it’s been exhausting.

We’ve gone the rounds of illness and injury. We’re trying to move – imagine packing while not being able to move one leg – and it’s going too slowly. One child is easing her way into the teenage-hood by practicing tantrums, whining and manipulation. Another child is attempting to find his place in a world that doesn’t like different. And it’s still raining.

Our political system is collapsing. Every day is a new crisis, without any work toward solving yesterday’s crisis. Everyone scrambles to cope with the old, the new and figure out what is yet to come. Do we start to prepare for the end? Save or Spend? Fight or Flight?

How much longer will the center hold?

New floors

There’s a lot of work to be done at my bargain house…. all the floors have to redone. Obviously I would like that done before the heavy furniture is moved in, but someone didn’t completely read the color label on the vinyl plan box. Waste the time to take it back and order new or just go with it?

This is it. It’s a little more grey that I would like, given our constant grey skies. What do you think?

And Now For Something Totally Different

A fresh start. That’s what this is. Something that’s  different from what I’ve done before. Or maybe a return to what I’ve done before.

I’ve had some big changes lately, but at the same time, it seems like things are coming back again.

Four years ago, life seemed to be going along at a good clip. I found a place for my mother to live in her retirement that was near me. My job seemed secure and the kids were doing pretty good in their “schools”. Then June came and everything started slipping away.

First came the news of an involuntary transfer to a job I did not want with a supervisor that I did not trust. Although friends tried to help me look on the bright side, it was with great trepidation that I packed up years worth of work for storage. My attempts to get a new job fell flat and would fail for my duration in hell. The job was worse than I thought.  One day I found myself screaming angry at something totally irrational. I knew something had to change or I would completely break down. I, finally, got a new job, but I was still living in the same community. A community that seemed to forget I even existed. Oh sure, people were polite. And I guess I can’t blame them for not wanting to hang out with someone living with a constant cloud over their head. Nonetheless, it still hurt.

This month, though, starts a new chapter. A new house, new community and new chance to build something positive and healthy. To grab back that strength I had. And that is exactly what I plan to do!